Do you currently have students working in wikispaces?
Do you have students work on projects in wiki?
Would you like an easy way to group students on to teams?

Projects is here for you!!

#1 have your students join your Wikispace or create a specific Wikispace for Student Projects.
Organize your students into project teams.
You can add new projects and reorganize your students for various projects on this Student Projects wiki!!

From the Wikispaces help page...

Each Project on your wiki is made up of a unique set of teams of members, pages, files, and settings. There’s no limit to the number of teams within a Project, or to the number of pages within a team, but here are a few things to keep in mind as you get started:
  • Only members of the wiki can be members of a team on that wiki.
  • Every team should have at least one member.
  • Every team starts out with one page, called "home." You and your members can create more pages as the teamwork continues.
  • An individual user can only be a member of one team, maximum, within any given Project (although not all wiki members must be assigned to a team for every project on your wiki).

Notifications and Monitoring

You can keep track of student projects through the monitor and notify settings in your wiki.